Friday, August 31, 2007

we are back...

to henry park that is. it was rather fun today..harassing mr lim's students from outside the classroom when their class hasn't ended, or down to having lunch at andrew's house with people having lost money in blackjack. i shan't mention the fact that there was rum available. but all the same, time flies.

we saw new faces namely bryan the VERY TALL onion, and chen ting, who looks rather different and has a more outgoing personality from before.
i wonder how many more times we'll ever go back there again. so here i revamped the blog, which is only active periodically, hopefully will get people updated.

on another note, we'll most probably be having another gathering at the end of this year to 1. celebrate the end of the o levels, 2. see each other again, 3. to say bon voyage to a few people in our class. so i hope most of you will be able to make it (-how many people would actually SEE this post?) and have fun for that very night as a class.details will be up much later, due to the mundane exams, but it'll most probably be in november due to time/date constraints.

if people have any updates on addresses, numbers, emails, please do email me so that i can update the contact list.

LASTLY, good luck for all the prelims and O levels, and happy september-week holiday!

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