Friday, September 14, 2007

pictures! only those few that i got from around, embarressing, most of them. enjoy.

graduation lunch - mr lim

me and val on one of the class excursions

guess who's being bullied by me (:

xtreme 2 / firedragonz / some other group name i can't remember

dickson.obviously (now you can't say there's not a picture of you) HEAD SHOT. escape theme park. p6 end-year camp i think.

4A - teacher's day skit. and no one could act this well as mrs bala other than jarrell (:

grad lunch -hula hoop competition!

sentosa chalet: guess who again.(don't even know who took this picture)

sunburn! ouch.

birthday cakes. celebrated at sentosa! [i made that cake on the left! heh]

so if anyone else has anymore pictures to contribute feel free to send them to my email! which includes mr lim who has been taking those photos for us! SEND.

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