Friday, January 05, 2007

Man, this blog is dying again. Haha.

Happy New Year to everyone, by the way!

Time to sound annoyingly optimistic and positive.

O level year for some of us right? Don't stress all. Study hard, slack less - Let's do our best, maybe not as a class since we aren't in the same class anymore, but as good friends who have known each other for 5 or more years already. We rock. Lol.

And for those lucky people who don't have O's, study hard for your own tests and please cheer us poor souls on. I think we are the batch who has been hit with the new O level format - It will start earlier, somewhere around the end of October, and there will not be "first three months" anymore, so we go straight to and stay in the school we're posted for our jc education.

And when we finally get past the darn exams, how about another nice reunion party for us going-to-be-hardworking-somehow people? Maybe even a chalet/major sleepover - Any one willing to give up their house space or find a place for maximum 41 nutty teenagers to crash?

The optimism of it all.


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