Thursday, January 17, 2008

a new year

has already come and yet no one comes here to greet our poor old lonely blog.

well. the year 2007 had taken sue wei and kevin away with it to a far far away place, and the approaching chinese new year would take another. isnt the december holidays and chinese new year supposed to be FESTIVE occasions? those whom have been taken, you guys have extra responsibility of coming here and updating us of your lives !

bye bye

Thursday, December 06, 2007

no one bothers

to update!!! well well. it's been at least a week since we came back from our memorable batam trip, and dinner at carnivore, still no one came to blog about it. so here i am! heck i didn't even blog about it on my own blog.

There's nothing much to say, since i'm not those who blog about every single detail and emotion that happened so in was GREAT fun! we went swimming, paintball, shopping/pool, and basically slacked in the room. night was spent scaring each other with horror stories, then turning off all the lights to spook everyone out. haha.

carnivore. well, some of us went carnivorous, some went omnivorous...none went herbivorous at carnivore obviously.haha. and somehow we ended up the CHIJMES outlet, which costs most of our pockets to go empty, but leaving with an extra pot belly. ended up at andrew's house (as usual) and just stayed for awhile..which would already be past midnight. considering our dinner only started at 9pm. the guys stayed overnight i think.

well pictures! batam!
batam again!
doesn't it look like your friendly neighbourhood game?
carnivore! RAWR

Friday, November 23, 2007

Seoul Garden is out, because we went there the last time a group of us went out and also, the way we were playing with our food and the cookers, we probably could have gotten kicked out xD

We could hijack Andrew's house again since it's big enough to fit our class. Or we could try to go "up street" a bit and book tables at some restaurant that will not necessarily kill our budgets.

How about a BBQ?

I'll go do some research. When are any of you off on holiday?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

hello all! everyone's superbly relaxed already i suppose now that the 2nd obstacle in our little lives are over well, for most of us that is. so GOODJOB to all you o level taking people! :D you've conquered both psle AND Os!
anyway, noting that some of our dear classmates are leaving, ie kevin, sue and val. WE ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE ONE MORE REUNION :D
ideas for venue people?

Monday, November 19, 2007


well. today is val's very sweet sixteenth! ok...the past few months we've got quite a few people who turned 16 SUE WEI, DICKSON, CHRIS, NEIL and STACEY! (starting from october here.)

now that all your O's are finally OVER, you guys wanna go out and have some fun or something? dinner? we better start planning soon before people disappear before our eyes.....poof!

Monday, October 22, 2007

official start

TODAY. is the official start of the O Levels 2007 !!! MOST of you would be starting your A maths papers in less than an hour's time, so i'm here to wish all you lucky people more luck , and go score those distinction grades!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i'm back! though i doubt anyone missed me. you guys would have probably been too busy mugging while i came back here a week later than i should have due to distractions (:

well if anyone even does come back here, there's a NEW POLL. (on the right side of this blog)
i'll just patiently wait for you all to finish the upcoming gruelling * *****s, then we can talk about parties and celebrations ya? meanwhile the super free ones should (or WILL) be contacted by stacey or me for the secret planning.

enjoy people. i don't want anyone of you to die during this really tough time!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

three more weeks to the big exams.

you guys ready?

Friday, September 28, 2007

support a cause!

Hello all you lovely fortunate people!

Here's a shoutout to all of you that my friend and I have joined the world of blogshops!
however, my point is, you see that lovely collage up there? its a few pictures from my missions trips in Cambodia where my church goes to help the villagers and orphans by providing free medical and dental checkups. we hope to raise funds through our site to contribute to the Mount Carmel Bible Presbytarian Missions Fund :D (plus i'm going to Philippines this year for another missions trip :)

you get pretty stuff AND help those unfortunate people overseas. how awesome is that :D


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i'll be on hiatus from now till 5th oct. due to bloody stinking exams. but i won't complain anymore since you guys have more stinky ones. please amuse yourselves during this period of time by blogging and KEEP IT ALIVE .thanks. especially those who are slacking right now. MAKE YOURSELVES USEFUL.

that's all (: