Thursday, December 06, 2007

no one bothers

to update!!! well well. it's been at least a week since we came back from our memorable batam trip, and dinner at carnivore, still no one came to blog about it. so here i am! heck i didn't even blog about it on my own blog.

There's nothing much to say, since i'm not those who blog about every single detail and emotion that happened so in was GREAT fun! we went swimming, paintball, shopping/pool, and basically slacked in the room. night was spent scaring each other with horror stories, then turning off all the lights to spook everyone out. haha.

carnivore. well, some of us went carnivorous, some went omnivorous...none went herbivorous at carnivore obviously.haha. and somehow we ended up the CHIJMES outlet, which costs most of our pockets to go empty, but leaving with an extra pot belly. ended up at andrew's house (as usual) and just stayed for awhile..which would already be past midnight. considering our dinner only started at 9pm. the guys stayed overnight i think.

well pictures! batam!
batam again!
doesn't it look like your friendly neighbourhood game?
carnivore! RAWR

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