Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ok so here's the deal...

Yes I am going to a video. Or at least try. The thing is that uploading the video into my laptop will take away quite a few GB... not even MB, you know. GB!! I'm not sure why, but yeah it's huge, but once i put it down to montage, it shd go down to MB, except the quality will be even worse. I'm still trying to find ways to give you guys the video and not kill my laptop at the same time.

Since quite a number of people have been bugging me about this, I've created a photobucket where we can upload photos of gatherings, half-days, etc. The works. So cuitian, if you see this, I know you have some photos! Upload them please.

The username and password for the photobucket account is the same as this blog. If you do not know it, you can ask... Andrew, pammie, stacey or me. Yeah. The Reunion photos are currently on the photobucket, go get 'em.


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