Monday, August 07, 2006

I am overly unenthusiastic today, for some obscure reason. However, this will be to the benefit of the blog, for I have a host of suggestions to give! My, isnt it your lucky day? =)

Well firstly my main bug bear about this sticky site is the template, which has been sitting around in bog for who-knows how long. I think its time for an image overhaul. A change in blog address will not help if you continue to use the same template, a change in look will! Granted that Organics has just recently changed its name to Sunsilk, and certainly looks and smells nicer now (I should know because I use it), we neednt follow in their footsteps. A strategic plan to rope back in the "consumers" aka ex-6C people is just as effective as a tasteless name change.

This strategic plan should consist of a few steps to ensure longevity in the market:

1. Change template
2. Set up consistent blogging system
1. Change Template

Someone tech-y seriously needs to do this. In order for traffic to increase, people need pretty things to look at, in order to attract them back time and time again. Black, as the background for the template, is old and overused. We need to inject some newness & fresh vegetables into the whole blog. To do so, we must NOT dwell on the past. Sure, its nice to be nostalgic and sentimental sometimes, but how many people would actually WANT pictures of their immature 11/12-year-old faces boring into them as they browse through entry after entry? Not many I presume.


I think a template with a circus of colours should be suitable. Ask people to send in pictures of their current selves, pictures of the current Mr Lim/Lee. It would certainly make life more interesting, for everyone to see how their old classmates look like now.

Ive visited many other class blogs, and the theme is always the same: old class photos abound. Why must we conform to the norm? I guess one bitty photo of the old times would be appropriate, but I sincerely feel new photos should be main priority.

And you know what? National Day celebration tomorrow would be a good opportunity to collect photos. Though Im not sure anyone would be able to read this before they go to sleep.
2. Set up consistent blogging system

It seems its the usual people blogging everyday. Why dont we set up a roster, or a goal of sorts? Assign one or two people to post every fortnight, about their muses or their current passions, or even to suggest links to good (and DECENT/WHOLESOME) websites that they frequent. Then everyone can visit them and have lots of fun, or to poke fun at. Whatever tickles your fancy.


Hope I have not been overly draggy, but I had an uncharacteristic urge to yabber on.
Please take these suggestions into consideration!

- Wai Jean

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