Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hi everyone of 6cohthree ! Long long time nvr see u all liao . dunnoe how u all look like . haha hows entering into Secondary 3 ?. after half a year , O's coming in a year time.Been missing all of u especially Mr Lim . Very long nvr see him liao. Recently , managed to meet valerie , niccole and stacey at the Planetshakers Ultraviolet concert. haha the place so damn big yet still saw them .Haiz.... heard that there will be something on on teachers day. so , i will most likely be there le. My school celebrate teachers day on 30 Aug . SO , 31st august , 1st sept 2nd sept 3rd sept no school. Yep , hope to see ur on that day and play some games . if not , can always go out and do something la . EHmm , ohh yeah , i haven really intro meself . I am actually jacon. if u dun rmb me , this is me

ehmm , i dun really take photos la , so this is 2 of my recent ones.


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