Monday, August 14, 2006

and since everyone is putting so much effort into keeping this blog alive, i shall too! (:
hope everyone has survived fairly well through their seven and a half months of sec three
well despite all that, we still have teachers day to look forward to!
SO EVERYONE BETTER COME BACK TO HPPS so that we can all play hantom bolah or something as a class again. now isn't that fun (:
you know what. we should actually organise some games so that we can entertain ourselves properly on that day instead of stoning around like we usually do. and this way, we can include everyone too. so we should have like relay matches or something just to hype us up yay

we really should go out as a class more often. any school having some event/performance we can all catch together? or we could all go and watch a movie and stone around town aha.

hm anyone know what happened to some of our classmates? some of them seriously seem to like have disappeared off the face of the earth ahaha. well if anyone can contact them, do encourage them to come down on the first of september!
i can't wait (:


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