Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the party. I was like worrying if we could pull this off. haha.

A few great things about the party:
1) People actually followed the dress code. I was so pleased to see the guys in collars. Haha. Chris Foo even came with tie.
2) Some of the 6Cians who we rarely see at this "go-back-to-primary-school-days" came! It was nice to see them.
3) Mr Lim was there! Waha. The big man himself. He owes me photos. Haha.
4) We had enough food! Well, actually we had too much food >.<
5) Confessions Time - Bet you all didn't expect this, pammie and I couldn't resist and Andrew agreed. Remember, everything that was said that night - Keep it to yourselves. Don't go hunting down people or getting informers to scoop out information
6) And most importantly - We had fun!

It's really cool to see how we can still bond after three years. Some people don't even remember their primary school people after two years. Haha.

Oh, I am disgusted at one thing though - The pictures I took with my camera came out pretty horrible. So have to rely on the video. In fact, the best picture was this one I took of Arnold and Darren... sad isn't it? Haha.

Anyway, group shot just for fun.

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Stupid camera. I thought of bringing my digital camera, but back then I was in a rush, and my smallest digital camera didn't take very nice photos - Who knew the video camera took even worse ones? Anyway, since the video is a better quality than the photos, I'm going to try to capture screen shots from the video.


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