Tuesday, October 26, 2004

*looks around* This blog is deserted... *shudders*

Anihu, whenever I post an entry on this blog,I will have a purpose, and this time it is to advertise about the Saint Margarets' Secondary School Saintsational Fair!!!(><)

EVENT: Saintsational Fair 2004 cum Open House
DATE: 30th October, this Saturday

VENUE: Saint Margarets' Secondary School(the one with the polka dotted uniform), 111 Farrer Road, Singapore 259240TIME: 9am - 5pm


- A few billion food stalls

- A few billion game stalls

- Haunted house

- Dunking booth

- "Flying fox"

- Arts showcase in hall

- Presence of...


KHOO(from Singapore Idol)

- Auction of some of the late Mrs Lee's(ex-principal) memorbilla/items

and much much more...

So PLEASE come and support us "green polka dotted" girls(out of pity/sympathy or whatever i dont care -_-)!!! You are all welcomeunless you run amok in the school, then the acting principal, Mrs Khoo, will probably execute you on the Parade Ground with a carving knife ^^ , and if you have any younger sisters in P6, bring them along too OK?

-Thank you for your kind attention-

Wai Jean~

P.S. Mr Lim!!! So sorry, I cannot visit you on the 29th.... *whines* I have band all the way until 6pm...

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