Monday, September 27, 2004


hey!!no fair....i seem like the only one posting here....hmph. and itz only the girls that post. the boys are no fun anymore..well...if you guyz dont noe the password and stuff yall can just ask?? okae..or maybe rite now is the exam period and all and im the only one not studying...sighx.

anyway...i think mr lim's birthday is somewhere in october....11th if im not wrong. we should all go back to hpps and celebrate with him if your exams are over...itz a monday...and my exams are over...wahahahah.oh wait..i probably have hockey.uh huh...sad.

birthday's that i can remember coming up.....
max : 1st october
dickson : 18th october
mlml : 19th october
sue wei : 21st october
stacey : 9th november
valerie : 19th november.

well...this year...stacey said that we'll most probably have another sentosa camp....the only thing im worried bout' is our CCAs and when our holidays will be.sighx....

anyway...GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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