Friday, August 27, 2004

in geog. class now.and the teacher is soooooo....boring.he just spent like one period just to set up the projector.actually sometimes he can be really he's explaining weathering and erosion.interesting.....NOT.

well....we'll be going back to visit mlml on tues.hpps has no half day but the sec. schools all have...wahhahaha.

anybody noes wad tuh get mlml???dont write it in here kae??coz he comes and read the blog too..

yay!!!tmr's arts awareness day!if you're free come kae??itz from 9 - 5pm.come anytime.itz gonna be really fun!!!itz a p6 open house too.there's gonna be food, performances, art fair, competitions....and bla and bla and bla.yupp....the theme is art is blind.

okae...i shall be good and take down notes now...


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