Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Yo all. This is valerie posting here. Let's recall some weird events of 6C.

1) Biology Camp- half the class went for this, if u forgot what happened, then start whacking ur brain. We got scolded for messing with dinner on the first night. Some of us got scolded again on the second night, coz of sleeping in wrong rooms at 2 in the morning. Grp B- can u rmb the taxi-driver song? LMAO

2) Oreo- one time we sang the oreo song in class for MLML

3) PE- who can forget the great times we had playing Capt's Ball and Hantum Bola (or however the hell u spell it)

4) Chinese New Year- I somewhat recall that weihong had to keep on putting up the stupid decorations that wouldn't stay still

5) Sentosa Camp- only 16 kids frm 6C went for this. It was organised by Stacey's mom. We went swimming most of the time. You probably could identify those who went by their sunburns. MLML could not make it for the BBQ that time.

Thatz all, i'll be back with more weird events
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